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Eventbrite Configuration

The FooEvents Calendar plugin can automatically create your events on Eventbrite, saving you time and effort. An “Eventbrite oAuth Token” is required in order to communicate with Eventbrite. To generate the oAuth Token, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Eventbrite account
  2. Navigate to Account Settings -> Developer Links -> Api keys
  3. Click on “Create API Key”
  4. Complete the form with your contact  information
  5. For application details use the following:
    1. Application URL – The URL of your WordPress website
    2. Application name – Choose a name for your app, e.g. YOURWEBSITENAME-FOOEVENTS
    3. Description – e.g. “FooEvents Calendar integration”
  6. On the “App Management” page click on the “ Show API key, client secret and tokens” link
  7. Copy “Private token”
  8. Navigate to your WordPress Admin Area
  9. Navigate to FooEvents -> Settings -> Calendar
  10. Paste “Private token” in the “Eventbrite private token” option
  11. Click “Save Changes”

NB: If configured successfully, you should now see an “Add event to Eventbrite” select box in your FooEvents Calendar settings when editing your event.

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