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Setting up FooEvents Seating

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Navigate to the event which you’ve created where you would like to add your seating chart
  3. New rows and seats can be added under the “Seating” tab
  4. Type your own name for an area or row e.g. “Front Row”
  5. Specify the number of seats that each area or row should contain
  6. Variations:
    • Choose a “Variation” for each area or row. Choosing a “Variation” for a row means that the seats in that row will be reserved for an attendee who is buying a ticket for that specific event variation. If you would like seats in that row to be available to all attendees, then leave the “Variation” option set to “Default”.
    • You can control whether selecting seats is required per variation. Click on the “Variations” tab, edit a variation and look for the setting “Make seat selection required for this variation”.
  7. The visual seating chart:
    • Click on the “View seating chart” button to see a visual representation of the seats in your venue. The seats that have already been booked will be grayed out.
    • Click on any seats to select them. Use the dropdown list and “Apply” button to make selected seats either available or unavailable. You will have to update your event before this change will be saved. Please note that the action of making seats available or unavailable cannot be reversed. Making seats available will mean that your customers will be able to select these seats again. This could result in more than one attendee booking the same seat. Only use this functionality if you are sure that this will not result in double bookings.
  8. Changing colors:
    • Navigate to FooEvents -> Settings  -> Seating Settings to set custom colors for your seats.
    • The “Available Seat Color” setting indicates which seats can be selected by your attendees on the checkout page.
    • The “Selected Seat Color” setting indicates which seats can’t be selected by attendees because they have already been reserved.
    • The “Seat Color selected for other attendees” setting indicates which seats have been selected for other attendees attending the same event in the current order. This makes it easier for the attendee to see where their companions will sit.
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