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Connecting to your store

Downloads the free FooEvents Check-ins apps:

The FooEvents Check-ins apps connect to your store using REST API (primary) or WordPress XML-RPC (secondary). REST API is the preferred connection method as it is generally more stable and secure than XML-RPC.

  1. Download the FooEvents Check-ins app
  2. Enter the following details on the login screen:
    1. URL – Your website URL (e.g.
    2. Username & Password – The access details of one of your WordPress users (e.g. ‘admin’)

Please Note: By default, access to the FooEvents Check-ins app is restricted to users with the role of “Administrator”. If you require additional users to have access to the FooEvents Check-ins app but don’t necessarily want to give them Administrator access to your site, please read this article: User Roles, Capabilities and Permissions

In certain server environments, you might not be able to use the REST API and your web host or a WordPress security plugin might block or restrict XML-RPC for security reasons.

For troubleshooting solutions related to Check-ins app connection issues, please read this help doc.

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