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Capture and export attendee entry and exit times

FooEvents captures the exact time an attendee is checked-in and stores this time in your WordPress database. Using the FooEvents CSV export function, you can generate and download a CSV file that contains all attendees for a particular event which includes the check-in time for each attendee.

FooEvents does not currently track attendee check-out times. In order to do so, you will need to make use of the FooEvents Multi-day plugin, which makes it possible to track multiple check-ins for each attendee.


Activate the FooEvents Multi-day plugin and go to the product edit screen in your WordPress Admin Area. Scroll down to the Product data tabs.

NB: You will need to scan the ticket twice on the same day (once for entry and once for exit). In order to avoid confusion, we recommend that you change the default term Day to another word that suits your needs, but in this example, we will set it to rather use the term Scan. In the Terminology tab in the FooEvents Global Settings, override the term Day with the term Scan.

Next, go to the Event Settings tab and set the number of Days/Scans to 2. Set the same date for each scan and save your product.

When an attendee is checked-in, you can choose between Scan 1 and Scan 2. Scan 1 can be reserved for entry while Scan 2 can be used to track when attendees exit the venue. The FooEvents Check-ins app will also remember your last setting and avoid incorrectly using the first scan option.


Once you’re done, the attendee list can be exported using the FooEvents CSV export function.

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