How do I add support for daily start and end times to my ticket themes?

As of version 1.5.5 of the FooEvents Multi-day plugin, you can select different start and end times for each day of a multi-day event. Support for this feature has also been added to all FooEvents Ticket Themes. Please follow these instructions to update an existing ticket theme. If you are using a customized ticket theme

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FooEvents Bookings

Visit the plugin product information page or purchase it as part of a bundle The FooEvents Bookings plugin extends FooEvents functionality by adding the ability to create bookable products such as recurring events, venue access and other bookable date and time specific services. The FooEvents Bookings plugin can be used in a variety of different

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Code Snippets

This is a Developer-level document. If you are unfamiliar with code/templates and resolving potential conflicts, please engage with a developer who is familiar with FooEvents and/or WooCommerce. Important, please read first These snippets are provided as a courtesy and do not form part of the FooEvents product offering. They are considered customizations and are not officially

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Multi-day events

Requires the FooEvents Multi-day plugin The FooEvents Multi-day plugin makes it possible to sell tickets that will give your attendees access to the event over multiple calendar or sequential days. What makes this feature unique is that the reoccurring days are not limited to weekly, monthly, or annual occurrences, but rather it gives you the ability to

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