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Point of Sale (POS)

FooEvents POS is a web-based point of sale plugin for WooCommerce that runs on your own server and enables you to sell and print tickets in-person. You can also use FooEvents POS to sell physical products with advanced point of sale features.

The FooEvents POS system can be used to sell tickets and passes to theater shows, concerts, conferences, sporting events, theme parks, sports facilities, movie theaters, food fairs, waterparks, bus tours, sports races, scooter hire, museums, boat rides, aquariums, kayak tours, tourist activities, carnivals, party venues and much more!

FooEvents POS fully integrates with WooCommerce and uses your existing products, variations, stock, customers, and tax settings in real-time. This means that in addition to selling access to your events and services, you can also sell traditional physical products.

Process payments directly within the FooEvents POS system using certain Stripe and Square card readers. You can also enter a customer’s card details manually which is perfect for taking orders over the phone or if the hardware is not available in your country.

Print custom tickets at your event directly from FooEvents POS using most thermal receipt or standard desktop printers.

FooEvents POS fully supports all the FooEvents extensions so you can capture custom attendee fields, sell access to multi-day events, offer seating selection or sell bookable slots in-person at the door of your event or business.


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