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Product Roadmap

Right from the beginning, we’ve developed FooEvents based on our customer’s needs. Furthermore, every new feature that we add to FooEvents is the direct result of customer feedback. The following list outlines some of the most popular requests that we have received from the FooEvents community. Take a peak into our crystal ball to see where FooEvents is going and what we’re currently working on 🔮

Please Note: The items below are not listed in any particular order and not all features are guaranteed to be implemented. Click on the feature name below to sign-up to be notified as soon as the feature goes live.


In the worksStatusProduct
Bookings / time slotsIn progressBookings
Recurring eventsIn progressBookings
Allow customers to choose which days they will attendIn progressBookings / Multi-day
Add events and non-events filter to products pageCompletedFooEvents
Order WooCommerce shop listings by event dateCompletedFooEvents
Rest API integrationCompletedCheck-ins Apps
Bluetooth barcode scanner supportCompletedCheck-ins Apps
QR code supportCompletedFooEvents
Improved dark mode supportTBCCheck-ins Apps
App design updateTBCCheck-ins Apps
Scan ticket without first selecting the eventTBCCheck-ins Apps
Restrict event check-in privilegesTBCCheck-ins Apps
Option to hide personal informationTBCCheck-ins Apps
Select which events are displayed within the appsTBCCheck-ins Apps
Sort tickets alphabeticallyTBCCheck-ins Apps
Popular Requests
Search or filter options on reports listingTBCFooEvents
Show multi-day dates and times on ticketsTBCMulti-day
Choose different start and end times for each day of multi-day eventsTBCMulti-day
Attendees shortcode (blocks)TBCFooEvents
Display attendee information on ordersTBCFooEvents
Option to display attendee info on admin order received emailTBCFooEvents
Option to copy buyer’s details to attendeesTBCFooEvents
Enhanced attendee fields displayTBCFooEvents
Filter search on calendarTBCCalendar
Calendar card popupTBCCalendar
Print individual tickets from FooSalesTBCFooSales
Mobile ticket viewTBCFooEvents
Disable sales on past eventsTBCFooEvents
Expire past eventsTBCFooEvents
Archive past eventsTBCFooEvents
Expire TicketsTBCFooEvents
Enhanced add ticket screenTBCFooEvents
Requested FeaturesProduct
Display price, discounts and total in attendee CSV exportFooEvents
Add events and non-events filter to the orders pageFooEvents
Add event variations and categories to ticket listFooEvents
Create WP users for attendeesFooEvents
Email tickets to purchaser and attendeesFooEvents
Import attendees into MailchimpFooEvents
Improved multi-vendor supportFooEvents
Global events mapFooEvents
Calendar .ics attachment generationFooEvents
Option to hide events when sold outFooEvents
Variation table layoutFooEvents
Transfer ticket ownershipFooEvents
Ability to upgrade a ticketFooEvents
Add event filter to orders page (list of events)FooEvents
View attendee details for unpaid tickets (within orders)FooEvents
Bulk ticket creationFooEvents
Add variation image to ticket (VIP|General etc)FooEvents
Add payment method to attendee exportFooEvents
Ticket theme editorFooEvents
Show all dates on ticket for multi-day eventsFooEvents
One ticket email per order with tickets from all eventsFooEvents
Global ticket themesFooEvents
Centrally manage event locationsFooEvents
Two-way syncing between FooEvents and Google Calendar/iCalFooEvents
Show date in shop listingFooEvents
Send email/reminder to attendees (WooCommerce Follow-ups integration)FooEvents
Front-end content submissionFooEvents
Send tickets to custom email addresses instead of only site adminFooEvents
Add support for Event schemaFooEvents
Add Google Event markupFooEvents
Set ticket sending order status triggerFooEvents
Add option to download PDF ticket on checkout pagePDF Tickets
Link attendee fields to specific variationsCustom Attendee Fields
Conditional custom attendee fieldsCustom Attendee Fields
Add “label” type to Custom Attendee FieldsCustom Attendee Fields
Add support for Facebook Events to calendarCalendar
Add column support to event list shortcodeCalendar
Ability to set seating columns and walk waysSeating
Global seating chartSeating
Hide specific seatsSeating
Show seating chart on event page (available seats)Seating
Sortable columnsExpress Check-ins
Display the ticket number and order number within the ticketCheck-ins Apps
Improved display of variationsCheck-ins Apps
Chinese language supportCheck-ins Apps
Apple Wallet integrationIntegrations
Add support for WooCommerce Product BundlesIntegrations
Integrate with seats.ioIntegrations
OpenStreetMap integrationIntegrations


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