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Zoom Meetings and Webinars

FooEvents allows you to sell tickets on your own WordPress website to physical and/or virtual events by securely connecting to your Zoom account via the Zoom API and automatically pre-registering attendees for once-off or recurring Zoom meetings or webinars once the order is completed.

A webinar is a virtual, live streaming video event where a keynote speaker, or group of speakers, deliver a presentation to a large audience who participate using interactive tools (polls, Q&A etc). Zoom Video Webinars is an optional add-on to Zoom video conferencing functionality that allow you to host online events with up to 10,000 interactive video participants.

If you’ve already sold tickets to a physical event using FooEvents, you can still convert your event to a virtual event or give attendees access to a meeting/webinar. Click here to jump to the relevant section.

View examples of free and commercial virtual events which demonstrate how you can use either the standard Zoom meeting or webinar add-on functionality depending on your use case.

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Generating a Zoom API Key and Secret

After you have purchased a Zoom plan and added the optional webinar add-on (only if you want to host webinars), you will need to generate an API Key and Secret in order to link your Zoom account to FooEvents. This once-off process is easy and should take you less than 5 minutes.

1. Login to the Zoom Marketplace using the same account details that you use to access your Zoom account.

2. Click on the Develop dropdown in the top right part of the screen and choose Build App. This will take you to the Zoom app type selection screen.

3.  Click the Create button in the JWT app type container.

4. You will be asked to provide some basic information about your app. Note: Company Name, Name and Email Address are required fields but the actual details are not important for the integration with FooEvents.

5. Click Continue and you should see your newly generated API Key and API Secret on the App Credentials screen.

6. Copy the API Key and API Secret and paste the values into the corresponding boxes in the Zoom Meetings and Webinars section which can be found in the Integration tab in FooEvents Settings.

7. Click Continue on the App Credentials screen and click the Activate your app button in order to activate your newly created JWT app. The app will be activated and you will now be able to finish integrating your Zoom account with FooEvents.

8. Go back to the Zoom Meetings and Webinars section in FooEvents Settings and click the Test Access button to confirm that FooEvents is able to connect to your Zoom account. If everything was setup correctly, you should see a confirmation message indicating that FooEvents was able to connect to your Zoom account successfully.

9. In this optional step you can Fetch Users that are linked to your Zoom account in order to manage which meetings/webinars will be displayed on the Event Integration tab according to the users/hosts that created them. The default setting will only display meetings/webinars for the user that generated the API Key and Secret. The second option is useful if you have multiple hosts on your Zoom account and you would like to restrict which meetings/webinars are visible in FooEvents.

Scheduling Zoom Meetings and Webinars

You will need to create and schedule one or more Zoom meetings/webinars in your Zoom account before you will be able to link your event to a meeting/webinar. You can either create a once-off meeting/webinar or a recurring meeting/webinar. If you create a recurring meeting/webinar, attendees will automatically be registered to attend all occurrences of the linked meeting or webinar when they purchase a ticket for your event.

Linking an Event to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar

Edit the WooCommerce product that you have setup as an event and navigate to the Integrations tab. Meeting and webinar registration requires that at least the attendee’s first name, last name and email address are captured at checkout. If you want to link a meeting/webinar to your event and the capture attendee details option is not enabled, you will see a notification as well as a link that allows you to enable it without leaving the screen.

Once the capture attendee details option has been enabled, a confirmation notification will be displayed.

You can now link your event to one of your scheduled meetings/webinars by selecting it from the drop-down. Additional details about your meeting/webinar will be displayed so that you can confirm that you are linking your event to the correct meeting/webinar.

Automatic attendee registration is required for all your scheduled meetings and webinars. A notification will inform you if the selected meeting/webinar does not have automatic attendee registration enabled. You can enable this option by clicking on the provided link.

Once-off webinar with automatic attendee registration disabled
Recurring webinar with automatic attendee registration disabled

If you click on this link, you will see a confirmation message that says automatic attendee registration has been enabled for your meeting/webinar.

Once-off webinar with automatic attendee registration enabled
Recurring webinar with automatic attendee registration enabled

Click the Update button at the top right of the screen for the changes to take effect. Your event is now successfully linked to the selected Zoom meeting/webinar.

When attendees purchase tickets on your site using FooEvents, each attendee will automatically be pre-registered for the selected Zoom meeting or webinar. Shortly after checking out, each attendee will receive an email containing their event ticket as well as a confirmation email from Zoom containing the meeting/webinar ID, password and join link.

Multi-day Events

If you have the FooEvents Multi-day plugin installed on your site, you will have the option to choose whether to link an event to a single Zoom meeting/webinar OR specify different Zoom meetings/webinars for each day of the event.

If you link your event to a single Zoom meeting/webinar, please note that the meeting/webinar should be a recurring meeting/webinar where the dates and times coincide with how you have setup your event in FooEvents.

Please note that if you link your multi-day event to a once-off meeting/webinar or the dates and times of a recurring meeting/webinar’s occurrences don’t match the dates and times of your event in FooEvents, the Zoom meeting/webinar won’t be available on all the days of your event.

If you choose to specify different Zoom meetings/webinars for each day of the event, you will have separate meeting/webinar drop-downs according to the number of days that you specified when configuring your multi-day event in FooEvents.

Multi-day conference with different webinars on each day

When completing an order that contains a multi-day event, attendees will automatically be registered for each linked Zoom meeting/webinar. Similarly, when canceling an order containing a multi-day event, attendee registrations will be canceled for each linked Zoom meeting/webinar.

Order Status Requirements

Attendees who purchase tickets that are linked to a meeting/webinar will only be automatically pre-registered and receive the Zoom confirmation email if the order status is set to either completed or canceled in WooCommerce. For example, an order might have a status of processing or on hold if you allow attendees to pay later by check/direct deposit/cash on delivery etc., or if their payment is unsuccessful. In this scenario, the order will need to be manually set to completed in WooCommerce before they will be automatically pre-registered for the meeting/webinar and receive the Zoom confirmation email.

Completed Orders

When an order status is set to completed, all the attendees associated with this particular order will be automatically pre-registered for any linked meetings/webinars. Attendees can only be registered once per meeting/webinar, where the attendee email address is used as the unique identifier. If an attendee’s registration was previously canceled for some reason, they will be registered again once another order has been completed.

Canceled Orders

If you cancel a completed order that contains one or more events that are linked to a Zoom meeting/webinar, each attendee’s meeting/webinar registration will be automatically canceled too. Please note that if you don’t want to cancel the entire order and only want to cancel and refund a portion of it, you should rather manually cancel these attendees’ registrations by managing the meeting attendees in your Zoom meeting dashboard or the webinar attendees in your Zoom webinar dashboard.

Stock Management

The maximum number of meeting/webinar registrants will be limited according to the Zoom plan that you purchased. In the case of webinars, the number of registrants can be purchased in the following increments 100/500/1000/3000/5000/10000. You can specify a number that is lower than your account’s maximum allowed registrants for individual meetings/webinars if you wish. Please be sure to set your product stock quantities according to these limits, whether it be your account’s limit or the limit you specified for an individual meeting/webinar. This will ensure that ticket sales and meeting/webinar registrations don’t exceed the maximum allowed attendees, and as a result, are not disregarded.

Display Meeting/Webinar Details on Tickets

Attendees automatically receive a confirmation email from Zoom once they have been pre-registered for a meeting/webinar. If you want to display the meeting/webinar details on the event ticket, you can enable this option by editing the WooCommerce product that you have setup as an event and navigating to the Ticket Settings tab.

Enable the Display Zoom meeting/webinar details on ticket option to display the details of all the meetings/webinars linked to the event. These details include the meeting/webinar Topic, Start time, End time, Duration, Recurrence, Meeting ID, Password and Join link.




Add Meeting/Webinar Details to Calendar

If the Display Zoom meeting/webinar details on ticket option is enabled in the Ticket Settings tab, then the meeting/webinar details will also be added to the calendar entry when the add to calendar link (ICS file) is clicked in the ticket.

The same details will be added to the calendar event description as displayed on the ticket for easy reference when the meeting/webinar approaches. Calendar reminders are automatically scheduled for 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour prior to the starting time of the meeting/webinar. These can be modified in the attendee’s calendar application after they’ve added the event to their calendar.

Converting Physical into Virtual Events

If you have already sold tickets to your physical event and want to convert it to a virtual event or you decide to offer Zoom meetings/webinars at a later stage, it’s simple to import a CSV list of attendees into Zoom so that they can gain access to specific meetings/webinars.

Here are the steps for how to export your attendee information from FooEvents:

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Browse to Products in the main menu
  3. Edit the relevant event product
  4. Scroll down to the Product Data tabs
  5. Select the Event Export tab
  6. Check the optional boxes if you would like to include unpaid tickets and billing details in the export
  7. Click the Download CSV of attendees button

Once you’ve completed the above steps, follow these instructions to import the attendees for pre-registration in Zoom.

Alternatively, you can turn off registration for the meeting/webinar instead of importing attendees for pre-registration in Zoom. The attendees will still be required to enter their names and email addresses upon joining the webinar. Please keep in mind that if you take this approach you can’t be certain that all attendees purchased access to the event as the webinar will essentially be public and open to anyone with the webinar link.

Add Meeting/Webinar Details to Existing Tickets

You may want to add the meeting/webinar details to your event tickets after they have already been sent out to attendees or you have converted a physical event into a virtual event. This information can be used to guide the attendee through pre-registration as well as the actual meeting/webinar.

In this scenario, we recommend that you first enable the Display Zoom meeting/webinar details on ticket option in the Ticket Settings for the event and then resend the tickets to the attendees as the tickets will now automatically include the Zoom meeting/webinar details.

It’s important to effectively communicate any changes to attendees who have already purchased tickets and provide them with all the necessary information to participate in your meeting/webinar.

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