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Ticket expiration

Tickets can be set to automatically expire on a fixed date or after a specific amount of time has elapsed since the ticket was purchased which is useful for many different scenarios. Go to Products > Add/Edit Product in the main menu Go to the Product Data tabs and select ‘Event Expiration’ Under the Ticket Expiration settings, select the Expiration type Using …

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Can tickets be set to automatically expire?

Yes. FooEvents has built-in functionality that allows you to expire tickets based on a specified date or the elapsed time since the ticket was purchased (Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months/Years). Visit the Ticket Expiration topic for further details

Event setup

Visit our Use Case section for detailed event setup examples FooEvents enhances standard WooCommerce products and adds various meta so they can act as events. Customers can then purchase tickets which gives them access to the event. In order to create an event, you simply create a WooCommerce product, enable the event functionality and complete …

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