FooEvents Bookings

Visit the plugin product information page or purchase it as part of a bundle The FooEvents Bookings plugin extends FooEvents functionality by adding the ability to create bookable products such as recurring events, venue access and other bookable date and time specific services. The FooEvents Bookings plugin can be used in a variety of different […]

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Ticket expiration

Tickets can be set to automatically expire on a fixed date or after a specific amount of time has elapsed since the ticket was purchased which is useful for many different scenarios. Go to Products > Add/Edit Product in the main menu Go to the Product Data tabs and select ‘Event Expiration’ Under the Ticket Expiration settings, select the Expiration type Using

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Event Expiration

Visit the Bookings Expiration section if you would like to find out how to expire bookings Events can be set to automatically expire on a specified date which saves a lot of time and effort, especially if you manage multiple events. There are two different options for expiring an event on a specified date: Ticket

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Is there a way to expire events that have already past?

WordPress and WooCommerce doesn’t have built-in functionality to expire posts or products (i.e. events) automatically but fortunately FooEvents adds functionality that allows you to expire an event based on a specified date. When the event expires you have the option to automatically disable ticket sales or completely hide them on your website and calendar. Visit

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