FooEvents Bookings


Once products have been added to the cart, you will need to complete the checkout process so that the customer’s order can be created in your WooCommerce store and tickets generated for event products. To start the checkout process, click the Checkout button at the bottom right of the screen. The sections displayed in the …

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FooEvents Bookings Timestamp Updater

Tickets that were created after the FooEvents Bookings plugin was updated to version 1.4.0 include a custom field called ‘WooCommerceEventsBookingDateTimestamp‘. Only tickets that include this custom field can be filtered down to a date level using the FooEvents Bookings management screen (Go to FooEvents > Bookings). In order to filter past tickets by booking date, …

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Bookable: Party Venue Booking

Scenario A party venue company would like to allow customers to make venue bookings through their website. The venue can be booked on specific days at two different time slots. The company also offers additional services such as party packs, entertainment, and equipment hire that are offered as upsells. When an customer purchases a ticket, …

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FooEvents Bookings

Visit the plugin product information page or purchase it as part of a bundle The FooEvents Bookings plugin extends FooEvents functionality by adding the ability to create bookable products such as recurring events, venue access and other bookable date and time specific services. The FooEvents Bookings plugin can be used in a variety of different …

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Bookable: Yoga / Fitness Classes

Scenario A fitness studio would like to sell access to Yoga classes via their website. Customers will need to have the option to purchase single classes or packages for multiple classes at reduced rates (1 class, 5 classes, 10 classes and 20 classes). When an attendee purchases a ticket, the following must occur: Each class …

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