FooEvents Check-ins

Bulk check-ins

You can check-in multiple attendees using the bulk check-in feature available in the FooEvents Check-ins apps. When viewing the attendees for an event, press the Select option in the top right corner of the screen. Choose the attendees you would like to check-in, reset or cancel and press the relevant action below.

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Offline mode

The offline mode feature makes it possible to process check-ins via the apps without having to connect to the internet. Offline mode can only be utilized after you’ve logged in and completed an initial download of all your relevant attendee data. All check-ins are stored on your device and can be synced with your WooCommerce database

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Multi-vendor sites

While FooEvents might work as required depending on the multi-vendor solution, it’s possible that you will experience difficulties. While the event products will most likely work in this setup, we can’t guarantee that third-party plugins will accommodate the tickets and attendee custom post types in a multi-vendor environment. The FooEvents Check-ins apps have also not

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Global settings

FooEvents provides various global settings that can effect the behavior of your events and tickets. You can also customize the appearance of the FooEvents Check-ins app in the plugin settings. Navigate to FooEvents > Settings in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard Select the relevant tab and change the settings as required Save Changes

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Barcode scanners

Every ticket that is generated by FooEvents contains a unique barcode that can either be rendered using the code 128 standard or QR code. You can attach any external barcode scanner that can read standard 1D barcodes or QR codes to the FooEvents Check-ins app via Bluetooth or to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and

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Connection issues

Having trouble connecting the FooEvents Check-ins apps to your store? Common Issues: Was your URL entered correctly? Did you enter the correct username and password? Do you have the latest plugin installed? Does the WordPress user have appropriate permissions? Do you have any security plugins installed? Do you use a CAPTCHA plugin? Is REST API

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Connecting to your store

Download the free FooEvents Check-ins app: The FooEvents Check-ins app connects to your store via the REST API (primary) or WordPress XML-RPC (secondary). REST API is the preferred connection method as it is generally more stable and secure than XML-RPC. You can confirm if the REST API is accessible on your website by entering the

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Installing the app

Download the ‘FooEvents Check-ins’ app from either the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS): Enter the following details on the login screen: URL – Your website URL (e.g. Username & Password – The access details of one of your WordPress users (e.g. ‘admin’) Please Note: By default, access to the FooEvents Check-ins app

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