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Offline mode

The offline mode feature makes it possible to process check-ins via the apps without having to connect to the internet. Offline mode can only be utilized after you’ve logged in and completed an initial download of all your relevant attendee data.

All check-ins are stored on your device and can be synced with your WooCommerce database when you’re back online.

To enable offline mode, go to Settings and enable the Offline Mode setting. You will be prompted to download the latest data before switching over to offline mode. When doing so, a bar will display at the bottom of the screen which reflects the time the app switched over to offline mode.

At any time you can go back online by disabling offline mode in the Settings or by selecting the Reconnect option in the bar. The app will then attempt to upload the processed check-in information to your WooCommerce store.

It’s important to mention that the offline mode feature is intended as an emergency backup in case your internet connection is lost. If you are processing check-ins on multiple devices, the devices will function independently of one another while they are offline and will not sync until they are back online.

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