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Connecting to your store

Download the free FooEvents Check-ins app:

The FooEvents Check-ins app connects to your store via the REST API (primary) or WordPress XML-RPC (secondary). REST API is the preferred connection method as it is generally more stable and secure than XML-RPC.

You can confirm if the REST API is accessible on your website by entering the following address in your web browser:

You should see a screen that displays code which starts with {"namespace":"fooevents\/v1","routes": as opposed to an error page such as 404 file not found which indicates that something is wrong with your server configuration or the REST API is blocked.

Using the App

  1. Download the FooEvents Check-ins app
  2. Enter the following details on the login screen:
    1. URL – Your website URL (e.g.
    2. Username & Password – The access details of one of your WordPress users (e.g. ‘admin’)

Please Note: By default, access to the FooEvents Check-ins app is restricted to users with the role of “Administrator”. If you require additional users to have access to the FooEvents Check-ins app but don’t necessarily want to give them Administrator access to your site, please read this article: User Roles, Capabilities and Permissions

In certain server environments, you might not be able to use the REST API and your web host or a CAPTCHA or security plugin such as Wordfence or iThemes Security might be blocking or restricting access to XML-RPC for security reasons.

For troubleshooting solutions related to Check-ins app connection issues, please read this help doc.

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