FooEvents Check-ins

Loading tickets in batches

If you have events that have too many tickets to load at once due to server limitations or restrictions (e.g. shared hosting environments), you can choose to load tickets in smaller batches. By default, all tickets will be loaded in a single request, however, you can choose the amount of tickets that should load per …

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Check-ins App (Android)

2.4.4 (Aug 30, 2022) Added Greek translations Fixed a bug in requesting camera permission in the scanner 2.4.3 (Aug 22, 2022) Various bug fixes and performance improvements particularly with the scanner 2.4.2 (Jul 19, 2022) Tickets can now be loaded in batches for events that have too many tickets to load all at once Minor …

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Check-ins App (iOS)

2.4.3 (Aug 30, 2022) Added Greek translations 2.4.2 (Aug 22, 2022) Minor bug fixes and improvements 2.4.1 (Jul 19, 2022) Tickets can now be loaded in batches for events that have too many tickets to load all at once Minor bug fixes relating to empty booking slots Minor bug fixes relating to ticket expiry times …

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What languages does the FooEvents Check-ins app support?

The FooEvents Check-ins app currently supports the following languages: English Afrikaans Arabic Chinese (Simplified) Czech Dutch French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Italian Malay Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish You can change your language preferences at any time from your device settings in order to use the Check-ins app natively in one of the supported languages


Speed up check-ins and eliminate finger errors by using barcodes. All tickets include a unique barcode (1D or QR code) which can be scanned using a handheld barcode scanner. The FooEvents Check-ins app and FooEvents Express Check-in extension have been optimized to work perfectly with most handheld barcode scanners, however, here are a few popular …

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How do I track when an attendee arrives and leaves my event?

FooEvents captures the exact time an attendee is checked-in or checked-out and stores these times in your WordPress database. Using the FooEvents CSV export function, you can generate and download a CSV file that contains all attendees for a particular event which includes the check-in and check-out times for each attendee.

Scanning tickets

Visit the Ticket Barcodes section to find out more about barcodes Tickets can be scanned using the FooEvents Check-ins apps or by connecting a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner to your computer and doing check-ins via the FooEvents Express Check-in plugin. Scanning using the FooEvents Check-ins apps The barcode scanner uses the mobile device’s built-in …

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Auto check-ins

By default, the FooEvents Check-ins apps update the ticket listing screen after scanning a ticket. This is to ensure that the check-in status of all attendees are updated should you have multiple entry points. If you are running an event with thousands of attendees, updating this list after each scan can take up valuable seconds and slow …

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