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Why does my calendar not display correctly when I use a shortcode?

Your calendar might display incorrectly, or output code instead of displaying the calendar, if you are also displaying a Google Map on your product page. The JavaScript added by Google Maps can cause conflicts with other JavaScript code including the FooEvents Calendar. In order to resolve this issue, you will need to remove the Google […]

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Google Maps

If you are using FooEvents to display a Google Map on your product page, please follow these steps to configure Google Maps for your site: Make sure that you have saved a valid Google Maps API key in FooEvents > Settings > Integration > Google Maps If you don’t have a Google Maps API key, you can generate one by following the instructions on

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Global settings

FooEvents provides various global settings that can effect the behavior of your events and tickets. You can also customize the appearance of the FooEvents Check-ins app in the plugin settings. Navigate to FooEvents > Settings in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard Select the relevant tab and change the settings as required Save Changes

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Event setup

Visit our Use Case section for detailed event setup examples FooEvents enhances standard WooCommerce products and adds various meta so they can act as events. Customers can then purchase tickets which gives them access to the event. In order to create an event, you simply create a WooCommerce product, enable the event functionality and complete

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