point of sale

Background data refresh

Background data refresh is a very useful feature in the FooEvents POS app whereby data can be cached and updates are fetched either manually or automatically in the background. Quick Links Manual Data Updates Automatic Data Updates Clearing Locally Stored Data Manual Data Updates If you disabled automatic background data updates, or you simply want to do …

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Offline mode

The FooEvents POS offline mode feature makes it possible to use most point of sales functionality without an active internet connection. This is useful for situations where your location has limited internet access or you have a power failure and the internet goes down. It’s important to note that offline mode can only be activated …

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POS reports

WooCommerce Analytics is the official reporting and data analysis tool for WooCommerce stores. Using a ‘Sales Channel‘ filter, FooEvents POS also has the ability to view “Online Only” and “FooEvents POS Only” orders separately in the WooCommerce Analytics  > Orders report. To access WooCommerce Analytics, go to WordPress dashboard > Analytics > Orders. Use the …

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Does FooEvents POS store my customer data or transmit it to any third-parties?

FooEvents POS connects directly to your WooCommerce database using a secure API which fetches your store data (customers, products and orders). None of this information is saved or passed on to any third-party servers, including our own. WooCommerce handles all the eCommerce functionality and payment processing in exactly the same way as your online store. …

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How does FooEvents POS manage taxes?

FooEvents POS uses the built-in WooCommerce Tax Settings when applying taxes to orders. This means that any tax settings and tax rates that have already been configured for your WooCommerce store, will automatically be applied within the FooEvents POS app. Please refer to the Tax help document for more information.