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POS reports

WooCommerce Analytics is the official reporting and data analysis tool for WooCommerce stores. Using a ‘Sales Channel‘ filter, FooEvents POS also has the ability to view “Online Only” and “FooEvents POS Only” orders separately in the WooCommerce Analytics  > Orders report.

To access WooCommerce Analytics, go to WordPress dashboard > Analytics > Orders. Use the ‘Sales Channel‘ filter to view “Online Only” and “FooEvents POS Only” orders separately.

WooCommerce Analytics Orders report
WooCommerce Analytics Orders report

Daily Summary #

There is also a Daily Summary feature built into FooEvents POS that is useful for getting a snapshot of total sales and payment types that were processed through the FooEvents POS app on a particular day including previous days.

To access the Daily Summary, tap/click on Orders in the menu of the FooEvents POS app and then tap/click the three dots () next to the corresponding date to bring up the Daily Summary.Screenshot 2022 11 07 at 11.10.18

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