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Does FooEvents POS integrate with third-party plugins?

FooEvents POS does not specifically integrate with any third-party WordPress and WooCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce Product Bundles and WooCommerce Min/Max Orders although we would like to add support for them in the future. Certain third-party plugins might still work depending on the functionality they perform, however, we can’t make any guarantees. FooEvents for WooCommerce, however, …

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What languages does FooEvents POS support?

FooEvents POS currently offers native support for the following languages: English Afrikaans Czech Dutch French German Italian Portuguese Spanish To use FooEvents POS in one of the supported languages, you need to set it as the default language in your web browser’s settings and reload the app.

Installing FooEvents POS

Step 1: Install the FooEvents POS plugin Purchase a FooEvents POS plugin licence, download the plugin from your FooEvents Account and install the plugin on your website Step 2: Install additional FooEvents extensions FooEvents for WooCommerce must be installed and activated in order to sell and print tickets in FooEvents POS FooEvents Multi-day must be installed and …

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The cart stores the items of an Order while it is still in progress before payment is received and the order is completed. To add items to the cart, simply click on the product thumbnail and it will instantly be added to the cart. Products that contain variations are signified by a small grid icon …

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Once products have been added to the cart, you will need to complete the checkout process so that the customer’s order can be created in your WooCommerce store and tickets generated for event products. To start the checkout process, click the Checkout button at the bottom right of the screen. The sections displayed in the …

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The typical workflow of processing an order through FooEvents POS is as follows: Orders are created when a cart is processed at checkout from within the FooEvents POS app The product, cart and customer information is packaged and sent to your WooCommerce store where a new order is generated and set to ‘complete’ WooCommerce will …

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Customers that are displayed or created within the FooEvents POS app are stored as WooCommerce customers within your database. WooCommerce customers are essentially WordPress users that have the ‘Customer’ user role. If you are new to WordPress, you can learn more about WordPress users. Customers can be created, edited and viewed within the FooEvents POS …

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Products are the items that are sold through your store. Products are typically managed through the WooCommerce area in your WordPress dashboard. The FooEvents POS app connects to your WooCommerce store and retrieves the relevant product information. Sections Adding Products Editing Products Product Variations Product Filtering Category Filters Search Filter Product Discounts Adding Products Products …

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Barcodes are essentially visual representations of numbers and letters. FooEvents POS is capable of scanning most barcode formats using a compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner. It will identify a product with a matching product ID or SKU if it exists in your store’s database. Sections Creating barcodes Scanning barcodes Barcode scanning errors Creating barcodes Your barcode …

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