Connection issues

Having trouble connecting the FooEvents Check-ins apps to your store? Common Issues: Was your URL entered correctly? Did you enter the correct username and password? Do you have the latest plugin installed? Does the WordPress user have appropriate permissions? Do you have any security plugins installed? Do you use a CAPTCHA plugin? Is REST API […]

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Connecting to your store

Download the free FooEvents Check-ins app: The FooEvents Check-ins app connects to your store via the REST API (primary) or WordPress XML-RPC (secondary). REST API is the preferred connection method as it is generally more stable and secure than XML-RPC. You can confirm if the REST API is accessible on your website by entering the

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Barcode performance

When checking in large numbers of attendees at an event, every second counts. This doc provides various recommendations that will help speed up your check-in process and ensure that you crush your next event. Configure the FooEvents Check-ins Apps for faster check-ins By default, the FooEvents Check-ins app updates the ticket listing screen after scanning a ticket.

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