How do I remove barcodes/QR codes from tickets?

If you do not want barcodes to appear on your tickets, simply edit the event product and click on the “Event” tab where you will find an option called “Display barcode on ticket?” Uncheck this box and click “Update” to prevent barcodes from displaying on your tickets for this particular event.

Spam issues

It could be that the emails are blocked by a firewall or sent to spam/junk folders. Here are some tips that might help you to find the cause of the problem: The email address that you are sending tickets from could possible be seen as a spam address It could be the way in which …

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Manually create tickets

Create tickets from the WordPress Admin Area Go to FooEvents > Tickets in the main menu Click on the “Add new” button which you will find under “Tickets” Select the event name for the specified event Fill out the rest of the ticket form and click the “Publish” button to create the new ticket. A corresponding order in WooCommerce …

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PDF tickets

Requires the FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin The FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin attaches tickets as PDFs to the email that is sent to attendees or ticket purchasers. You can choose to send just the PDF and plan text mail, or you can set FooEvents to attach the PDF to the HTML ticket email. Quick Links Setting up FooEvents …

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Delete tickets

When editing a ticket, you can delete the ticket using the Move to trash option in the publish settings. Alternatively you can delete tickets in bulk following these steps: Go to FooEvents > Tickets in the main menu Select all the tickets that you would like to delete Click on Bulk Actions > Move to trash > Apply If you are experience …

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Resend tickets

Tickets are initially sent out when the order status is changed to ‘Complete‘ in WooCommerce. You can manually resend individual tickets or bulk send a group of tickets at any time. To do so, please follow these instructions: Resending tickets to attendees in bulk Login to your WordPress Admin Area Go to FooEvents > Tickets Select …

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Ticket sending

When a customer purchases a ticket, a WooCommerce order is generated. All information needed for the ticket is stored in a custom field that is associated with the order. The stored data is formatted as a JSON string. When the status of the order is changed to ‘Completed‘ using the JSON string, FooEvents will create …

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