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Spam issues

It could be that the emails are blocked by a firewall or sent to spam/junk folders.
Here are some tips that might help you to find the cause of the problem:
  1. The email address that you are sending tickets from could possible be seen as a spam address
  2. It could be the way in which your WordPress setup sends emails
  3. It could be your subject line or some of the content that you’ve added to your ticket that is flagged as spam
Here are some things you can do:
  1. View an online report detailing potential problems with your emails by sending a ticket email to this service:
  2. Check if your domain has been blacklisted. Here is an article that has more information: FooEvents does not have control over things like blacklists. If you do find that your domain has been blacklisted it would be best to contact the blacklist authority directly and ask to be removed.
  3. If you don’t already use a SMTP plugin to manage mail sending in WordPress, we highly recommend installing WP Mail SMTP as it supports sending email through an authenticated SMTP account such as Gmail, Outlook, SendGrid, Mailgun etc. which guarantees better delivery and is your best option if your ticket emails are getting flagged as spam.
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