Does FooEvents work with WooCommerce Memberships?

FooEvents does not specifically integrate with WooCommerce Memberships, however, we do have many customers who use it and in most cases, it works perfectly. One thing to keep in mind is that FooEvents will not automatically cancel tickets if a customers membership is canceled.

Recommended WordPress Themes

FooEvents works great with most WooCommerce-compatible WordPress themes, meaning you have countless options to choose from for jazzing up your store and selling tickets to your events. We have curated a list of popular WordPress themes that are also compatible with WooCommerce and FooEvents to help get you started. Astra Astra is a fast, fully …

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Password protected pages

Depending on the nature of your event, you may need to provide attendees with access to exclusive content on your website. The built-in WordPress password protect feature makes it fairly simple to limit access to posts and pages using passwords. When enabled, this option replaces the page’s content with a password text field. The correct …

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Multi-vendor sites

While FooEvents might work as required depending on the multi-vendor solution, it’s possible that you will experience difficulties. While the event products will most likely work in this setup, we can’t guarantee that third-party plugins will accommodate the tickets and attendee custom post types in a multi-vendor environment. The FooEvents Check-ins apps have also not …

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WordPress Multisite

FooEvents can be installed in a WordPress Multisite environment or “network”. You can read more about “Creating a Network” here: Essentially, each user would have their own URL e.g. and their own login details. The FooEvents plugin(s) will be installed on the main domain only and then all the users will have access to the features …

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Is Divi compatible with FooEvents?

Divi is a popular WordPress theme and according to feedback received from many customers who use both products, Divi is compatible with FooEvents provided you use the standard WooCommerce Checkout.

Web Hosting

Please visit the minimum requirements section before choosing a hosting service FooEvents works flawlessly with the majority of web hosting providers that support WordPress and WooCommerce. We have curated a list of popular web hosts that we have tested with FooEvents to give you added peace of mind.

Connection issues

Having trouble connecting the FooEvents Check-ins apps to your store? Common Issues: Was your URL entered correctly? Did you enter the correct username and password? Do you have the latest plugin installed? Does the WordPress user have appropriate permissions? Do you have any security plugins installed? Do you use a CAPTCHA plugin? Is REST API …

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