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Barcodes are essentially visual representations of numbers and letters. FooEvents POS is capable of scanning most barcode formats using a compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner. It will identify a product with a matching product ID or SKU if it exists in your store’s database.

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Creating barcodes

Your barcode needs to reflect the product ID or alphanumeric value saved in the product SKU field in WooCommerce.

FooEvents POS doesn’t generate barcodes but you can use any online barcode generator to create and print your own barcodes from the product/variation ID or the product/variation SKU as it appears in WooCommerce. When pairing the FooEvents POS app with a handheld barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB) any type of barcode that the scanner is capable of scanning can be used.

Scanning barcodes

Barcodes can be scanned by using a handheld USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner.

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Simply select the Bluetooth icon and scan the barcode with the handheld barcode scanner and the FooEvents POS app will scan the barcode and search for the product ID or SKU using the scanned value. If the product is identified, it will be automatically added to the cart.

Barcode scanning errors

The speed and accuracy of barcode scanning in the FooEvents POS app is entirely dependent on the handheld barcode scanner. If you experience scanning errors or other problems such as slow scanning, we suggest you try a different handheld barcode scanner brand/model.

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