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Installing FooEvents POS

Step 1: Install the FooEvents POS plugin

Purchase a FooEvents POS plugin licence, download the plugin from your FooEvents Account and install the plugin on your website

Step 2: Install additional FooEvents extensions

  • FooEvents for WooCommerce must be installed and activated in order to sell and print tickets in FooEvents POS
  • FooEvents Multi-day must be installed and activated to sell tickets for events that run over multiple calendar or sequential days
  • FooEvents Seating must be installed and activated for attendees to select their seats when purchasing tickets
  • FooEvents Bookings must be installed and activated in order for customers to book a space or slot

Step 3: Configure FooEvents POS

Go to FooEvents POS > Settings in your WordPress dashboard and enter your FooEvents license key (if it’s not already saved) and make any required changes and customizations using the setting tabs

Step 4: Launch the FooEvents POS app

Go to FooEvents POS > Point of Sale in your WordPress dashboard to launch the FooEvents POS app or enter the address manually in a web browser: https://yoursiteURL/fooeventspos/

Plugin Updates #

Automatic plugin updates should work seamlessly as long as you have an active subscription and your license key is stored, however, as best practice we recommend ensuring that your site is always backed-up first before updating any plugins.

If you encounter any issues relating to the shop/category pages after a plugin update, please flush the permalinks by going to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and clicking Save. This should revert things back to normal.

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