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Loading tickets in batches

If you have events that have too many tickets to load at once due to server limitations or restrictions (e.g. shared hosting environments), you can choose to load tickets in smaller batches. By default, all tickets will be loaded in a single request, however, you can choose the amount of tickets that should load per request by selecting the required number in the FooEvents WordPress plugin settings which you will find within the Check-ins App tab.

tickets per request setting

When tickets are loaded for an event in the FooEvents Check-ins app, multiple requests are made to fetch tickets in batches until all the event’s tickets have been loaded. Loading times will depend on the total amount of tickets that need to be loaded as well as the amount of tickets to load per request.

Please note: This functionality is only available in the FooEvents for WooCommerce core plugin (version 1.15.10 or newer) and in the FooEvents Check-ins app (version 2.4.1 and newer). If you are using the latest iOS or Android Check-ins app but are still using an older version of the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin, the app will simply load all tickets in one request, as has been the case in versions prior to 2.4.1.

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