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Scanning tickets

Visit the Ticket Barcodes section to find out more about barcodes

Tickets can be scanned using the FooEvents Check-ins apps or by connecting a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner to your computer and doing check-ins via the FooEvents Express Check-in plugin.

Scanning using the FooEvents Check-ins apps

The barcode scanner uses the mobile device’s built-in camera and operating system libraries to scan ticket barcodes.

Follow these steps to scan a ticket using the FooEvents Check-ins apps:

  1. Open the app and connect to your store
  2. Navigate to the event
  3. Select the barcode icon
  4. A camera view will display, hold the device approximately 10cm – 30cm (4″ – 12″) above the barcode
  5. Scan the ticket and check-in the attendee
  6. Enable the Auto check-ins feature to speed up check-ins

In addition to using the built-in camera, you can also connect a handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner to the FooEvents Check-ins apps for the best accuracy and scanning speed.

To do so, please follow these instructions:

  1. Connect the Bluetooth scanner to your device.
  2. Open the FooEvents Check-ins app and login
  3. Go to the app Settings
  4. Enable the Bluetooth barcode scanner setting
  5. Navigate to the event listing and select the relevant event
  6. Select the barcode icon at the bottom of the screen and start scanning tickets

Scanning using FooEvents Express Check-in

These instructions will outline how to use a barcode scanner with the FooEvents Express Check-in extension.

  1. Connect a USB or Bluetooth scanner to your desktop computer
  2. Go to your WordPress Admin Area > FooEventsExpress Check-in in your desktop browser
  3. Enable Auto Search – The search box will automatically display data as you type
  4. Enable Auto Check-in – The attendee will automatically be marked as “Checked In” if a ticket ID is found that matches the search criteria. This is intended to save time, especially when using a barcode scanner
  5. Place the cursor in the text box
  6. Scan a ticket and the ticket ID will display in the text box
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