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Is it safe to delete the PDF tickets that are stored on my server?

PDF Tickets are attached to the ticket emails that are sent to attendees and/or ticket purchasers. If the ticket files do not exist on your server, the FooEvents plugin will automatically recreate them so it’s safe to delete any old ticket files that are located at wp-content/uploads/fooevents/pdftickets on your server. We suggest backing up these …

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Ticket configuration

There are various settings that determine the behavior of your tickets. In this section we will outline each setting and discuss how it can be used to achieve the desired effect. Sections Ticket Settings Ticket Email Variables Global Settings Ticket Themes Settings Ticket Settings When creating an event, there are various settings that can be …

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Global settings

FooEvents provides various global settings that can effect the behavior of your events and tickets. You can also customize the appearance of the FooEvents Check-ins app in the plugin settings. Navigate to FooEvents > Settings in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard Select the relevant tab and change the settings as required Save Changes …

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Ticket themes

FooEvents Ticket Themes allow you to change the way your email tickets look using template sets called Ticket Themes. These can be downloaded from the free Ticket Themes Gallery on the FooEvents website. Sections Adding a New Ticket Theme Setting a Ticket Theme Sending a Ticket Preview Changing the Logo Changing the Header Image Modifying …

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PDF tickets

Requires the FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin The FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin attaches tickets as PDFs to the email that is sent to attendees or ticket purchasers. You can choose to send just the PDF and plan text mail, or you can set FooEvents to attach the PDF to the HTML ticket email. Sections Setting up FooEvents PDF …

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