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How do I send reminders, notifications and follow-ups to attendees?

  1. AutomateWoo
  2. Mailchimp
  3. WP Fusion
  4. Changing the Ticket Theme
  5. Calendar Notifications


FooEvents integrates with WooCommerce AutomateWoo which enables you to send automated follow-up emails and text messages (SMS) to attendees based on custom triggers for an event or booking.

The AutomateWoo Integration help document explains how this works in more detail.


FooEvents includes the ability to automatically add attendees to a Mailchimp audience list when tickets are generated. You can also specify default tags or event-specific tags that can be used to segment your Mailchimp list.

The Mailchimp Integration help document explains how this works in more detail.

WP Fusion

Another option is using WPFusion. They offer a FooEvents integration which allows you to add event attendees as contacts to your CRM of choice. You can also optionally apply tags based on the event ticket purchased.

Changing Ticket Themes

If you do not want to use a third-party platform then it is also possible to manually send out tickets with a different ticket theme at a later stage e.g. in the form of a reminder. If you want to send out tickets with different text then you might need to change settings and perhaps make modifications to the ticket theme HTML, but in some cases this might not be necessary. You can then resend tickets in bulk using these new settings or new ticket theme at a certain time. Sending tickets in this way cannot be scheduled.

This article contains instructions on how to resend tickets.

Remember to revert the changes after sending, if necessary, so that new customers don’t get the notification if it’s not applicable to them.

Calendar Notifications

FooEvents will automatically set a reminder notification for the attendee in their default calendar one week, one day and one hour before the event, if they click on the “Add to Calendar” button in the ticket that they receive.

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