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How can I complete orders automatically so that tickets are emailed?

By default, FooEvents requires a WooCommerce order to be completed before tickets are created or emailed. This is to ensure that you receive payment before the attendee receives their ticket(s).

There are different ways to complete a WooCommerce order. You can do this manually or automatically either by adding code, using a payment gateway that works like this or using a third-party plugin.

Important: Before you start, please ensure that your event products are set to “Virtual” and “Downloadable” as explained in our help documentation, otherwise, the order will not complete automatically even if payment was received.

Here are some suggestions:

You may need tickets to be generated when the order status is changed to a different order status.

Please follow these steps to do so:

  • Navigate to FooEvents > Settings in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area
  • Select the General tab and scroll down to the Send on order status option
  • Select the relevant status/es using the multi-select box and click Save Changes

Tickets will not be generated unless the status of the order is set to the specified status/es.

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