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Why are attendee seat numbers not displayed on tickets?

The reason this is happening is because you most likely have an older version of the FooEvents ticket theme installed.

Please follow the steps below to update your ticket theme files and resolve this issue:

NB: If you previously made any customizations to your ticket theme files, the following process will overwrite these customizations. In this case you will need to copy across the code relating to $ticket[‘fooevents_seating_options’] into your modified ticket theme files.

  1. Login to your FooEvents Account
  2. Download the most recent version of the ticket theme from the ‘Downloads’ tab
  3. Connect to your website via FTP
  4. Browse to the following directory: ‘wp-content/uploads/fooevents/themes’
  5. Backup the theme folder that is located on your server within the themes directory
  6. Unzip the new ticket theme file once downloaded on your computer
  7. Upload the new ticket theme folder to your web server (make sure that you replace the existing folder)
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