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Can I install FooEvents on a WordPress Multisite or multi-vendor network?

WordPress Multisite environment or “network” #

FooEvents can be installed in a WordPress Multisite environment or “network”. You can read more about “Creating a Network” here:

Essentially, each user would have their own URL e.g. and their own login details. The FooEvents plugin(s) will be installed on the main domain only and then all the users will have access to the features that the plugins offer. Each user will only be able to create and see their own events when logged into WordPress as well as the FooEvents Check-ins apps.

Third-party multi-vendor solutions #

We have not specifically tested FooEvents with Dokan or WCFM so you may experience difficulty implementing FooEvents as a multi-vendor service although we have had customers who have reported that they have successfully implemented it based on their needs. While the products/events will most likely work properly, we can’t guarantee that they will accommodate the tickets and attendee custom post types in a multi-vendor environment.

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