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How can attendees add my event information to their calendar?

There are two different ways that attendees can add your event information to their calendar clients, such as Google Calendar:

  1. Enable the Attach calendar ICS file to the ticket email? setting in the product Ticket Settings for the event. This will attach an ICS file to the ticket email so that the event details automatically appear in the attendee or ticket purchaser’s calendar
  2. Enable the Display ‘Add to calendar’ on ticket? option in your product Ticket Settings. This functionality generates an ICS file when an attendee or ticket purchaser clicks the “Add to calendar” button in their ticket email and the saved ICS file can then be added to their preferred calendar client.

The ICS file contains basic event information such as event name, description, date and time. Please note that the entry will not be automatically updated in the attendee’s calendar if the event information changes, so remember to communicate any relevant event changes with your attendees.

We also recommend that you enable and configure the “Add to calendar” reminder alerts in your product Ticket Settings if you would like attendees to be alerted through their calendar client at specific intervals before the event starts.


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