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Why are the FooEvents POS payment methods not displaying?

FooEvents POS includes the ability to manage payment methods from within your WordPress admin area. Using the existing WooCommerce payment method management screen, you can enable/disable specific payment methods, change the display order, and give them custom titles by clicking on the Manage button.

If you have already configured the payment methods and they still do not appear within the FooEvents POS app, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you have the latest FooEvents POS plugin installed
  • Check the configuration of any third-party plugins that might limit the display of WooCommerce payment methods. For example, the ‘WooCommerce Role Based Payment Shipping Methods‘ extension limits the payment methods available to each user role. If the POS payment methods have not been enabled for the ‘Administrator‘ user role, they will not display within the FooEvents POS app.
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