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Why are my automatic plugin updates not working?

The two most likely reasons why your automatic plugin updates are not working are:

  1. You haven’t created and saved your FooEvents license key or Envato purchase code in the FooEvents plugin settings which is required for automatic plugin updates
  2. Your FooEvents license has expired

License keys and automatic updates:
Please read this article which explains how to create a FooEvents license key and setup automatic plugin updates

Expired licenses:
Only accounts with a valid FooEvents license are eligible for automatic updates. Licenses expire 12 months after purchase date.

If you purchased the FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin on Envato/CodeCanyon, then you can still download and manually update the plugin from your Envato profile, however, should you wish to receive automatic updates and technical support you will need to renew your license on Envato/CodeCanyon or purchase a new license on

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