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Ticket sending

When a customer purchases a ticket, a WooCommerce order is generated. All information needed for the ticket is stored in a custom field that is associated with the order. The stored data is formatted as a JSON string. When the status of the order is changed to ‘Complete‘ using the JSON string, FooEvents will create an individual ticket for each attendee. Tickets can be viewed in your WordPress Admin Area by navigating to FooEvents > Tickets in the main menu.

Sending tickets automatically

By default, WooCommerce products do not automatically complete when payment is received. In the case of physical products, the order would only be completed when delivery of the product is made. As tickets are a digital product, the order status can be completed as soon as payment is received as no further action is required. To do so, set your product to “Virtual” and “Downloadable” in the Product Data settings when editing a product. Once this is done, as soon as the relevant payment gateway sends back confirmation to your site that the payment has been successful, the order will automatically be set as ‘Complete‘ and FooEvents will generate the tickets.

Tickets not sending?

Since FooEvents emails event tickets from your web server, there are a number of possible reasons why people might not be receiving their tickets. Please go through the recommendations in the ‘Why are my tickets not being received?‘ FAQ to troubleshoot the issue.

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