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Ticket QR codes

By default, FooEvents displays 1D barcodes on tickets, however, you can choose to use QR codes instead by enabling this option via the FooEvents settings. QR codes work much the same as barcodes and can be scanned using the FooEvents Check-ins apps. The QR code stores the unique ticket ID, which is scanned by the app and is used to identify and check-in each attendee.

To enable QR codes for your tickets:

  1. Go to FooEvents > Settings in the main menu
  2. Select the Ticket Design tab
  3. Check the Enable QR Codes checkbox

Please note: If the QR code is scanned using a generic third-party QR code scanner, only the ticket ID value will be displayed and the ticket will not be checked-in. In order to check-in an attendee through FooEvents, you will need to use either the FooEvents Express Check-in plugin or the FooEvents Check-ins apps.

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