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Product variations

FooEvents supports the use of WooCommerce Variable products to create different ticket types. This is ideal for events that provide different types of access (ticket types) or access to different workshops, sessions and groups.

  1. Go to the Attributes tab in the Product Data panel
  2. Create a new attribute ( e.g Ticket Type, Access Level, Workshop, Conference Room, Slot etc.
  3. Add the name of each variation under values and separate them with the pipe symbol ‘|’ e.g. VIP | General | Early Bird
  4. Make sure that you select Visible on the product page and Used for variations
  5. Save the attributes
  6. Click on the Variations tab in the Product Data panel
  7. Add a variation for each attribute and specify the relevant ticket criteria (price, stock etc.)
  8. Make sure that you select Enabled
  9. Select Virtual and Downloadable. This will ensure the orders are completed automatically when payment is received. It will also ensure shipping information is not displayed on the checkout screen
  10. Save/update the post once all variations have been added
  11. The variations will now display as ticket options when purchasing a ticket

Once your product is published, it will appear in your WooCommerce store and users will be able to purchase tickets for your event.

We have published a tutorial blog post to better illustrate how to use variations with FooEvents:
How to create different ticket types in FooEvents using WooCommerce variations and attributes

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