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Updating ticket themes

From time to time it may be necessary to update your ticket theme/s so that you can have access to new features that were added to FooEvents.

Follow these steps to update your ticket themes:

  1. Connect to your web server via FTP
  2. Navigate to the folder: wp-content/uploads/fooevents/themes
  3. Make a backup of the FooEvents ticket theme/s that you currently have installed (Note: this is a crucial step if you made any changes to the ticket theme code)
  4. Delete the existing ticket theme folder/s on your server. If you are attempting to update the Default 2020, Default PDF Single or Default PDF Multiple themes then please be aware that the FooEvents plugins will recreate these theme folders automatically after you deleted them. If you see these folders again after deleting them then you can skip Steps 5, 6 and 7.
  5. Download the most recent version of the ticket theme/s from the “Downloads” tab in your FooEvents Account
  6. Unzip the latest ticket theme ZIP files that you downloaded and upload the theme folder to:
  7. Alternatively, you can upload the ticket theme/s through the user interface in the WordPress Admin Area. If you upload the ticket theme/s through the user interface then you should not unzip the ticket theme first, but rather use the zipped file that you downloaded. Here are instructions on how to do this.
  8. If you made any changes to the ticket theme code previously then you will need to copy these changes into the new ticket theme files. Alternatively, you can copy the updates in the new ticket themes to your current modified ticket theme files. The main change that you would need to make is to use the new URLs for the logo, barcode/QR code and other images. Here is a list of the new URL variables that need to be used as the “src” value for the image tags:
    • Logo: $ticket['WooCommerceEventsTicketLogo']
    • Header image: $ticket['WooCommerceEventsTicketHeaderImage']
    • Barcode: $barcodeURL
    • Location icon: $locationIcon
    • Time icon: $timeIcon
    • Ticket icon: $ticketIcon
    • Scissors/Dotted lines: $cut1 and $cut2
    • Divider image: $divider


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