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Supported hardware

Desktop printers

Tickets and receipts can be printed using any USB, AirPrint (FooEvents POS running on macOS only) OR wireless compatible printer. A comprehensive list of AirPrint-only devices can be viewed on this Apple support page.

Here are a few printers that we recommend which are both AirPrint & wireless compatible for added flexibility which may only be available in certain regions:

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer
Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820
Brother MFCL2710DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Thermal printers

The FooEvents POS app supports automatic receipt printing on a few popular thermal receipt printers. Printer integration is based on the manufacturer’s documentation which applies to the models listed below.

Although the integration should work with these printers, we will only mark a printer as ‘Tested’ if we have physically tested the printer or have received confirmation from customers that a specific model works.

Please note that printing on the listed thermal printers is only available when used on a desktop computer or laptop, not on a tablet device. Additional printer configuration and/or drivers or software may be needed from the Star Micronics or EPSON websites.

Model Tested
Epson TM-T20II
Star Micronics mC-Print2
Star Micronics mC-Print3
Star Micronics FVP-10
Star Micronics TSP100II USB
Star Micronics TSP100III USB
Star Micronics TSP100III Bluetooth
Star Micronics TSP650II USB
Star Micronics TSP650II Bluetooth
Star Micronics TSP650II AirPrint
(TSP654IIW AirPrint-24)
Star Micronics TSP700II USB
Star Micronics TSP700II Bluetooth
Star Micronics TSP800II USB
Star Micronics TSP800II Bluetooth
Star Micronics TSP800II AirPrint
(TSP847IIW AirPrint-24)

* Only when printing on a Mac or iPad using AirPrint.

Thermal printer settings

Please follow these steps when configuring and printing your receipts with FooEvents POS using a thermal printer:

  • Choose your receipt printer
  • Print all pages
  • Select portrait layout
  • Choose the width of your receipt paper
  • The paper length can be the longest option available as the printer will continue printing until it reaches the bottom of the receipt and then automatically cut the paper
  • Set the number of pages per sheet to ‘1’
  • Disable headers and footers
    • Google Chrome – with margin set to ‘default’ it will show the checkbox
    • Mozilla Firefox – Set the header and footer options to ‘blank’
    • Apple Safari – Uncheck the header and footer checkbox
  • Margins must be set to ‘none’
  • Scale should be set to ‘default’ or 100%

Barcode scanners

Scan any compatible barcode by pairing a Bluetooth or USB scanner to your device and the FooEvents POS app will immediately identify a product or product variation that has a matching product ID/SKU.

Most barcode scanners are compatible with FooEvents POS, however, here are a few models that we recommend which may only be available in certain regions:

Inateck Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
NADAMOO 3-in-1 Barcode Scanner
Eyoyo Portable Barcode Scanner

Stripe Payments*

The FooEvents POS app currently supports direct integration with the following Stripe card readers:

Square Payments*

The FooEvents POS app currently supports direct integration with the following Square card readers:

* Please Note: Stripe and Square manual card capture doesn’t require hardware to process payments. You can use any brand of card reader to process payments, however, this will need to be done manually outside of FooEvents POS as described in the Other Payments section. Please refer to the Stripe Payment Integration and Square Payment Integration help docs for more information regarding reader integration.

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