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FooEvents for WooCommerce

1.11.35 (1 July 2020)
ADDED: Support for updated Check-ins app
FIXED: Server resource limit bug
FIXED: Stationary Builder bugs and updated copy
FIXED: Other small bugs
TESTED ON: WordPress 5.4.2 and WooCommerce 4.2.2

1.11.32 (18 June 2020)
FIXED: Various small bugs
TESTED ON: WordPress 5.4.2 and WooCommerce 4.2.0

1.11.31 (10 June 2020)
ADDED: Ticket and Badge Designer functionality
FIXED: ICS generation and date bugs
FIXED: Duplicated ticket details admin page information
FIXED: Various admin add ticket bugs
FIXED: Various Zoom meeting bugs
FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.11.28 (29 April 2020)
UPDATED: Zoom integration features
ADDED: Option to add .ics to ticket
ADDED: Support for CJK text in PDF tickets
FIXED: Various small bugs
TESTED ON: WordPress 5.4 and WooCommerce 4.0.1

1.11.27 (08 April 2020)
UPDATED: Zoom integration features
FIXED: Various small bugs
TESTED ON: WordPress 5.4 and WooCommerce 4.0.1

1.11.26 (01 April 2020)
ADDED: Zoom webinars integration
ADDED: Option to choose which events should display in app
ADDED: Timezone option for events
FIXED: Various small bugs

1.11.23 (05 March 2020)
FIXED: Fatal error on WooCommerce deactivation
FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.11.21 (27 February 2020)
FIXED: Report query tweaks
FIXED: Admin create tickets bug

1.11.17 (13 February 2020)
ADDED: Sorting and filter updates to products
ADDED: Order ID to tickets listing page
FIXED: Wrong settings link on plugins page
FIXED: Missing phone number from csv export
FIXED: REST database bug
FIXED: Fatal error on change product to event
FIXED: Missing JavaScript warnings on exports
FIXED: Revenue 0 bug on reports
FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.11.12 (29 January 2020)
ADDED: Support for REST communication with check-ins app
ADDED: QR code support
ADDED: Add ticket search on event and purchaser list
FIXED: Various small bugs

1.11.7 (04 December 2019)
FIXED: Multi-day check-in bug using apps
FIXED: Sale price bug in apps
FIXED: Ticket theme admin bugs
FIXED: Cancel order stock bug

1.11.4 (21 November 2019)
FIXED: Bug where optional attendee fields are still format validated
FIXED: Media control conflict
FIXED: Upload and preview theme bugs
FIXED: Bug on variation stock management variable vs product level

1.11.2 (19 November 2019)
ADDED: Support for seating settings page

1.11.0 (18 November 2019)
ADDED: New event report features (see blog post)
ADDED: New settings page (see blog post)
FIXED: Various small bugs

1.10.5 (30 October 2019)
– FIXED: Attendee fields required field bug
– FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.10.3 (26 September 2019)
– FIXED: Ticket theme count bug
– FIXED: Custom attendee reference bug
– FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.10.1 (10 September 2019)
– ADDED: Support for PDF themes (see blog post)
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.9.7 (16 August 2019)
– FIXED: WooCommerce 3.7.0 setting conflict

1.9.6 (14 August 2019)
– FIXED: Conflict with WPML compatibility and CSV attendee exports

– ADDED: First name, last name and email address fields no longer required for custom attendee fields

1.9.3 (18 July 2019)
– ROLLBACK: Reverted FooEvents PDF Tickets updates

1.9.2 (18 July 2019)
– ADDED: Support for FooEvents PDF Tickets updates
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.9.0 (2 July 2019)
– ADDED: Support for FooEvents Custom Attendee Updates

1.8.23 (25 June 2019)
– ADDED: Out-the-box compatibility with WPML
– ADDED: Compatibility with new FooEvents Seating updates
– FIXED: Removed tickets with unpaid status from CSV
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.8.20 (16 May 2019)
– FIXED: Updated translations
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.8.18 (10 April 2019)
– FIXED: Replace sanitization method for ‘Ticket text’, ‘Thank you page text’, ‘Event details tab text’
– FIXED: Revert config base URL path for better compatibility on various server configs
– FIXED: Seating chart incorrectly set to not required when ‘Capture individual attendee details’ is not set.

1.8.17 (20 March 2019)
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.8.16 (19 March 2019)
– ADDED: Various compliance updates
– FIXED: Bug with seating chart selection
– FIXED: Timestamp equal 0 bug
– FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.8.9 (14 January 2019)
– ADDED: Option to print all event tickets
– ADDED: Support to display seating chart on checkout
– FIXED: Various bugs

– FIXED: Bug with selecting background color for event on calendar

1.8.6 (3 December 2018)
– ADDED: New FooEvents Calendar feature support
– FIXED: .ics generation bugs
– FIXED: Admin add new ticket bugs
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.8.1 (5 November 2018)
– ADDED: Attendee badge functionality (NEW)
– ADDED: Multi-day support in ICS export
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.7.32 (15 October 2018)
– FIXED: CSV export bug
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.7.26 (30 August 2018)
– ADDED: Support for FooEvents Seating
– FIXED: Timestamp being set to 0 bug on certain servers

1.7.25 (23 August 2018)
– FIXED: Multi-day event date bug on date selection
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.7.23 (26 July 2018)
– ADDED: Functionality to include/exclude custom attendee details on tickets
– UPDATED: Introduction page
– FIXED: Empty new order notification email when creating a ticket via the WordPress admin
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.7.19 (18 June 2018)
– UPDATED: Only admin role can now login to app by default
– UPDATED: Documentation
– UPDATED: Plugin option clean-up on delete
– FIXED: Various small bugs

1.7.15 (21 May 2018)
– FIXED: Terminology new site bug
– FIXED: Email template PHP warning
– FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.7.12 (2 May 2018)
– ADDED: Terminology override feature

1.7.11 (16 April 2018)
– FIXED: Update notification service bug

1.7.10 (27 March 2018)
– FIXED: Image header ticket theme bug

1.7.9 (20 March 2018)
– ADDED: Ticket header image upload option
– ADDED: Multi-day check-in statuses to CSV
– FIXED: WordPress MU password reset bug
– FIXED: Google Maps API bug when key not set
– FIXED: Various other small bugs

1.7.7 (20 March 2018)
– ADDED: Support for selected FooEvents Multi-Day event days
– ADDED: Support For colored events on FooEvents Calendar
– ADDED: Added telephone, company and designation attendee fields to app
– ADDED: Purchaser phone number to csv
– FIXED: Option to not send tickets bug
– FIXED: CSV unpaid tickets bug

1.7.3 (24 January 2018)
– FIXED: Barcode path bug

1.7.1 (16 January 2018)
– UPDATED: Minor security updates

1.7.0 (11 January 2018)
– NEW: Moved barcodes and email themes to the WordPress uploads directory
– ADDED: Support for HTML email ticket themes
– UPDATED: Translations

– FIXED: Various small bugs

– ADDED: Auto update functionality

– ADDED: User role support for WordPress ticket management
– FIXED: Out-of-stock book tickets button
– FIXED: Date format bug on product page
– FIXED: Various small bugs

– FIXED: Custom attendee multiple event bug
– FIXED: Billing error on ticket admin page
– ADDED: Theme option to use placeholders

– FIXED: CSV variations bug
– FIXED: Ticket meta variations bug
– FIXED: Version update number bug
– FIXED: 10+ attendee bug

– FIXED: Event details tab PHP warning

-FIXED: App login bug
-FIXED: Various small bugs

– Multi-day support update

-ADDED: Multiday extension ready
-FIXED: Various small bugs

-FIXED: More WordPress 4.8 bugs that may affect sending tickets
-FIXED: Duplicate ticket bug with certain payment gateways

-FIXED: WordPress 4.8 bug causing tickets not to be sent out on order completion
-FIXED: CSV export bug
-FIXED: Various other small bugs
-FIXED: Updated translations


-ADDED: FooEvents dashboard widget
-ADDED: Download ticket from ticket admin
-ADDED: Export CSV enhancements
-FIXED: WooCommerce 3 warning messages
-FIXED: Ticket purchaser name missing bug
-FIXED: Various other small bugs


-FIXED: Bulk ticket resend bug
-FIXED: Purchaser name missing bug
-FIXED: Various other small bugs


-FIXED: WooCommerce 3 warning messages
-ADDED: Overwride PDF ticket email
-ADDED: Export CSV enhancements
-ADDED: Edit ticket subject


-FIXED: App bug with certain currency symbols
-FIXED: Email ticket bug on first install
-FIXED: WordPress MU activate plugin bug
-ADDED: Custom attendee fields to CSV export


-FIXED: Barcode directory not writable bug


– ADDED: FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields support
– FIXED: Various minor bugs


– FIXED: Admin menu bug


– FIXED: Critical bug update


– FIXED: Plugin activation warning
– FIXED: Blank event list when manually adding tickets
– ADDED: Directions to tickets
– ADDED: Company, designation, telephone number to tickets
– ADDED: Price to apps
– ADDED: Plugin update notification


– ADDED: Option to hide unpaid tickets in admin
– ADDED: Check if barcodes directory writable
– FIXED: Removed “Auto Draft” references in ticket admin
– FIXED: Bug where adding tickets might not link to created user
– FIXED: Hide start and end date on event details tab
– FIXED: Override template bug

– Fixed: Variation bug where only first tickets variation is saved
– Fixed: Javascript DatePicker localization
– Fixed: Various other small bugs
– Added: Sort by additional fields in ticket admin


– NEW: .JPG barcode generation for PDF Ticket plugin
– FIXED: Google Map pointer
– REMOVED: Date picker translations. Buggy, will look at a different implementation.

– NEW: Compatibility update for the new Events Pro app offline support (
– NEW: Compatibility with the FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin support (
– NEW: Filter by event name, order ID and status on admin ticket listing
– NEW: Time formats for am-pm
– UPDATED: New Google Maps API support
– UPDATED: Translations on date picker
– UPDATED: Send location to .ics
– FIXED: Fixed admin HTTPS warning

– New: Event Check-ins Pro iOS App integration – See
– New: Event Check-ins Pro iOS App – Auto Check-ins (Fast, effortless checkins)
– New: Event Check-ins Pro iOS App – Custom Branding (Set your own color scheme and logo)
– Updated: Documentation
– Fixed: .ics postal code bug
– Fixed: Add new ticket permission bug

– Added manual ticket management functionality in WordPress admin.
– Various small bug fixes and enhancements.

– App integration bulk edit support
– Insert custom message on thank you page
– Addition of various optional attendee registration fields
– Various bug fixes

– Various bug fixes

– .po and .mo language file support
– Option to not send ticket emails
– Various bug fixes

– Various bug fixes

– Enhanced admin search
– Resolved ticket and event listing bug in App
– Various other small bug fixes

– Various bug fixes

– Capture Attendee details on checkout
– Option to email attendees their tickets
– Cary through attributes/variations to tickets and ticket details
– Option to change “Add to cart” to “Book ticket”
– Support for iOS App (Launch imminent!)
– Various bug fixes

– Conflict with WooCommerce image uploads.

– Added additional options to control ticket output
– Fixed bug where certain non-event products would send out tickets
– Fixed various other small bugs

– Fixed display bug with Google Maps
– Fixed bug with attendee not displaying on ticket
– Fixed bug where admin user is displayed as the ticket owner
– Various other small bugs

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