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Attendee check-ins

Tickets will have one of the following ticket statuses:

  • Not checked in
  • Checked in
  • Canceled

You can change an attendee’s ticket status in various ways.

Edit the ticket to change the check-in status

You can check someone in by changing the status of the ticket when viewing the ticket in the WordPress Admin Area. Go to FooEvents > Tickets > Edit Ticket > Ticket Status box and change the status of the ticket. The Canceled status can also be used to mark tickets that are no longer valid.

FooEvents Check-ins apps

The free FooEvents Check-ins apps are designed to speed up attendee validation by providing a streamlined and intuitive interface for changing the status of tickets. Using the apps, you can search for attendees by name or ticket ID. You can either manually enter the ticket ID or you can scan the 1D barcode or QR code on the ticket using the mobile devices built-in camera.

Visit the FooEvents Check-ins apps help section for more information

FooEvents Express Check-in

One of the fastest and most reliable ways to scan a barcode is to scan the ticket using a handheld barcode scanner with the FooEvents Express Check-in extension. Much like the app, the FooEvents Express Check-in interface offers an auto check-in option. When enabled, the interface will auto check-in an attendee if a ticket ID is found in the system.

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Area > FooEvents -> Express Check-in
  2. There are two options that can be set:
    • Auto Search – The search box will automatically display data as you type
    • Auto Check-in – The attendee will automatically be marked as “Checked In” if a ticket ID is found that matches the search criteria. This is intended to save time, especially when using a barcode scanner

Find out more about FooEvents Express Check-ins

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