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Order events by date

FooEvents adds the ability to sort your events on WooCommerce product/event pages by the event date (i.e. new to old or old to new). The sort order options are added to the WooCommerce “Sort by” drop-down filter which appears at the top of the product/event page.

fooevents sort dropdown e1581605448606

Enable the event sorting options #

fooevents sort setting

  1. Navigate to FooEvents > Settings in the main menu of your WordPress admin area
  2. Select the General tab and check the Enable event sorting options setting
  3. Click Save Changes

The options to order events from old to new and from new to old will be added to the WooCommerce “Sort by” drop-down filter.

Set the default sort order #

You can change the default sort order option using the WordPress Theme Customizer.

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area
  2. Click WooCommerce > Product Catalog in the WordPress Theme Customizer menu
  3. Select the relevant sort order from the Default product sorting drop-down list
  4. Click Publishfooevents sort
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